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Nasty Gal – Autumn Haul

Hello Everyone,

This is my first segment of clothing hauls, my little sanctuary where I can pretend to walk on a catwalk and feel FABULOUS. I have never bought from Nasty Gal before and a few friends had recommended it as a great outlet for quirky pieces and individuality. As I used to work in high street retail clothing stores, my creative flair for styling was born. So here we go…

Christmas always coming early…

First up is a personal favourite look of mine, I do enjoy a bodysuit/high-waist jean combo either rockin it with trainers or boots which is fresh for those autumn feels!! I love a bodysuit as I feel like it can be dressed up with accessories, adding a cute blazer with boots could make those chilly fall nights HOT HOT HOT! Nasty Gal are fab when marketing their product as they add funny insightful names for each item, this item has been nicknamed – “What In The Turtleneck”, thumbs up for the imagination!! Back to the item itself I opted for a size 12 as I tend to need more room in the bust, small laaady but the gaaaals need room to breathe. The material is 100% cotton, so perfect for chilly days where our skin becomes more sensitive and dry, as i have sensitive skin this felt like I was wearing a cloud! It is a fitted number so I would suggest going up a size for the comfort. But this is a great simple addition to my wardrobe and I can wear with pretty much anything, dress it up or keep it caaaj. Currently this item is in Nasty Gal’s 40% off and I got this for £8.40…gooo mad troops!!

style #AGG95472
style #AGG55717

BLAAAZIN SQUAD WOULD BE CHUFFED. Showing my age? Yup thought so. Anyways, the blazer is such a change in my wardrobe as I have only recently began wearing blazers with outfits, my denim jacket needed a break!! But this jacket works so well with jeans/trousers alongside some cute slingback heels would make you feel like the ultimate boss around the office!! On a more casual note, i opted for my fave pair of jeans with a high waisted belt, for me personally I enjoy a challenge of making a dressy piece casual so i would wear trainers to caaaj it up. ***Also the turtleneck from above is making an appearance with the blazer and its a great lil combo. The blazer has a V long neckline although says on website it is oversized I went for a size 10 and it was an instant regret, it is very neat and impossible to fasten the button although in general I wear jackets open. Why hide a great outfit by buttoning up?? It was very tight on my back and i found it difficult to manoeuvre, as it is 100% polyester, it isn’t as stretchy as other materials. So for me going a size up would be a good idea. Aside from this the colour is fab and I love the check/Clueless movie vibe. This item is also on sale and is £17.00 from £50.00. An absolute steal.

style #AGG72947

Okay…the name for this item is genius, “This Ain’t Flare”. Sheer genius. So like the blazer this is very outwith my comfort zone, as I am very short last I checked 5″1 is short short? It can be difficult to find a perfect fit for flares…Nasty Gal is a winner. So short gaaals out there, please look no further there is hope for us afterall!! Fab addition, I never wanted to take them off they were so unbelievably comfy, despite being 95% polyester…(UGH I KNOW RIGHT)the 5% elastane makes up for it, making it stretchy so you could have a serious munch and still fit lovely. I would say this piece is a versatile item as I would say tucked in with say a “turtleneck bodysuit” (hmmm) and boots could be the perfect office attire. I chose to wear this with a more casual look, I love this jumper I bought this a couple of years ago from New Look and its been my go-to jumper whether over dresses, with chord skirts etc you get the idea! I think this is a great autumn outfit, a pair of Doc Martens would go perffff with this. I went for a size 12 in these and they fit like a glove so I would say dress to your size with this one. This item is on the 40% off sale at £7.20, fab little addition!!

style #AGG50141

Run the Racerback…whoever writes these needs a payrise! Just brilliant. Apologies for the mess of the room I was being sucked into a vortex of clothes and inspiration was in the air. The ribbed sleeveless bodysuit…another bodysuit I HAVE GONE MAD!! But who could blame me?? I think my thinking behind this was because I only have really long sleeve bodysuits I need more variety, yes lets go with that! This item came in various colours, I opted for charcoal as my wardrobe is mainly black so why not go for s lighter version of the colour? In all seriousness you could easily dress this up with a lovely skirt and some over the knee boots, i went for…yup you guessed it a casual take, I got these jogging bottoms from Tesco for around £10 a few months back and they are soooo comfy, I sometimes wear them for work jazz them up with a comfy jumper and cute little pumps. In this case I would keep it caaaj with trainers and a black denim jacket , perfect for a wander with your gaaal pals catching up for lunch, some sunnies would add to this look…FASHHHUNNN has never been easier. I was very shocked by the material, it was a little bit rougher on the skin as it was 95% polyester but the saviour elastane once again featured…SO YAAAAY! EAT THAT LUNCH it will fit! I opted for a size 12 again and it fits wonderfully. I got this in the sale as well and it was a lovely £7.20, wonderful little steal.

Thank you for reading my first Shopping Haul, I had a lot of fun trying on items, mixing and matching old & new items, hope this has been helpful to some of you and you might have picked up on some new ideas.

Anyways, thank you again and I will be back soon with some new goodies to share with you all, let me know what you think in the comments!

Lots of Love,

Emma Ashley

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