Hi Guys, so this blog post is about my battle with my skin condition Rosacea pronounced RO-ZAAAAY-SHE-UH! Trust me to have a skin condition I have had to sound out many times..go figure. Below is a picture of how truly red, swollen and sore it can get.

At its worst…

I have always had healthy skin even in my teenage years,I did have the odd breakout of course everyone does, but I noticed redness around my nose and cheeks when I was in my early 20’s it was like it just appeared out of nowhere?? I was a regular 20 year old girl, I loved going out with friends enjoyed a jagerbomb or five, I was in my 2nd year at University and the world was my oyster…when I noticed the redness around my face I put it down to excessive drinking, lack of water and sleep deprivation. When I tried to reverse those factors, the red blush was still there and it buuuurned whenever I tried to do my usual skincare routine, Clearasil facial scrub caused me to bleed and scab on my nose- also I have the added issue of being Type 1 Diabetic, this means that the wounds take a lot longer to heal 😦 I would try to cover it up with make up, but it didn’t work my skin would become dry and peel making it even worse :(. As a young woman, you do want to look your best, take pride in your looks and make an effort, it can be extremely damaging to self-esteem when people point out “YOUR NOSE IS RED” “ALRIGHT RUDOLPH” “HAVE YOU BUMPED YOUR NOSE?” “HAVE YOU BEEN SUNBURNED”. All you want to do is scream “F#######K OFF!!” DO YOU THINK I DON’T HAVE EYES??? DO YOU THINK I DON’T HAVE A MIRROR??? Whenever I had a particularly bad flare up I would hide in my room and refuse to go out, making it a lonely time, my best friend Beks who is an absolute angel sent from above suggested enough is enough, she was sick of going to events alone and needed her sidekick back – so I booked an appointed to the Doctors, despite the Doctor thinking it was hormonal issues and I got given cream to subside the redness, it did go away for a time. And I did go back living my life….

Fast forward a couple of years, at 23 – I notice the redness coming back big style!! It was angrier, scarier and redder than ever!! I thought “OMG!!! NO FREAKIN WAY WHY NOW??!!” I googled so many symptoms and just cried all over again, I was in the beginning of a new relationship and thought greeeeeat I am sure he will be happy dating one of Santa’s reindeers :(, James and I have been together almost three years now and he always comments on how cute my nose is or comments on the positive side that it is looking better, that’s all you can really ask for tbh that support :).

I used product after product, trying to find some sort of solution before seeking medical help, as I did not want to be told it was just hormonal acne when it was only localised to one area of my face. One of the conditions I had googled was Rosacea and it was like a EUREKA MOMENT…bittersweet that I had cracked the code and so made an appointment with the nurse and she pretty much confirmed what I had thought all along, she had said that she could prescribe a cream which would help with the redness/soreness, you can also take antibiotics for a few weeks to help clear up the symptoms but considering I inject 5 times a day, taking less medication for me would be a victory in itself. So I looked into lifestyle changes and what I could do to myself to improve my skin.

So let me tell you a few facts about this skin condition…it is long term sadly 😦 this cruel mistress ain’t picky with gender, age, your occupation etc. Rosacea for me is pus filled bumps appearing on my nose alongside a sea of redness swept across my T-Zone essentially. Other symptoms include dry skin, I get a lot of styes in and around my eyes this can be caused by blepharitis also caused by Rosacea. Also you are more likely to get this skin condition if you are light skinned, in my family anaemia is a major thing so it could be linked to that as well.

So what are the triggers I hear you ask…when you have had the skin condition a long time, you can start to work out what triggers affects you – for me its spicy food which is an absolute sin because I LOOOOOVE spicy food so this pains me greatly. Alcohol and caffeine spark the redness off for me as well. Look out for future blogs about my eating habits, being type 1 diabetic and a rosacea sufferer I have to watch what I am eating…so look out for those!! I will be uploading in this section products I have used/been using and will give them reviews for you all to try.

So the story has begun and I am still living it chapter by chapter…I would love to share with you all my journey and would love to hear any tips/tricks & suggestions regarding your own skincare. Please give me a comment below, also if you could like and subscribe I would be forever grateful 🙂 Thank you all for being so awesome, take care and stay safe everyone!

Lots of Love,

Emma Ashley