Question: How do you even say Hello and introduce yourself to someone? It appears to be the easiest task in the world but yet is so difficult for many of us…So here goes nothing…

Hello, Hi, Bonjour, Bonjourno, Hallo, Hola, YO – okay…can we just take a moment to appreciate Google Translate here, a thousand thankies to you. YOU ROCK.

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Emma Ashley and I am an aspiring blogger/author and this is my story…gather round folks bring the popcorn sit back and relax…chilllll!! So it all began one night in Cyprus in November 1993 (MY GOD!!!) a young married couple were vaaa-caaaying enjoying the Cypriot nightlife, having a few drinks taking it all in..you get the idea. Steve & Norma after this holiday would welcome their first bundle of joy in the July of the following year…what happens in Cyprus deffo does not stay in Cyprus, in this case it follows you back to Dumfries & Galloway Maternity Building 9 months later. And dun dun dun…hello Emma Ashley!

Fast forward a few years…26 to be exact I am sat here grey, with a sore back and full of life experience…LOL life experience. I moved to Glasgow in 2016, mateeee this is the place to be for various reasons, I am gonna get deeeeep here…arriving aged 22 (still a baba) a vodka, blackcurrant and lemonade in each hand on nights out, dancing away to Pop Punk tracks on the dancefloor with my guuurls: basically living my best life, who knew life could get even better when you find your lobster…(If you do not get the Friends analogy, please go to Netflix and have a binge). Anyway, I found my lobster in 2018…MY JAMES! I LUV HIM. HE PRETTY!!!! You all have him to thank for me bringing you this rollercoaster of a ride, he persuaded me to to start blogging my ideas/interests and pursuing my dream of becoming an author. He is wonderful.

So join me for regular blog posts about all my hobbies/interests, general life updates and more importantly come on this journey with me where I pursue my dream of becoming a published author.